Snow in October

When I think of October, I think of swirly leaves colored in red, yellow, orange. I think of pumpkins, costumes, warm apple cider, and that cozy embrace brought on by chilly afternoon weather. I definitely do NOT think of SNOW. But waking up to an unexpected tundra has put me into a sentimental mood. Not even just sentimental, but a longing mood. Depression is moderate, but with that, I also feel safe and motivated. What is it about this weather that brings me to the way that I am feeling? Perhaps its the lack of people and noise outside. Or maybe knowing that there are no expectations of me. When it is sunny and bright outside, and people are laughing and out and about I begin to feel a necessary push to join them. To be outside and embrace the “lovely” weather because that is what is expected. It is the norm to do so. But not for me. This is why I love fall. Colder temps bring people indoors — a place that I prefer to be. Surrounded with unobstructed comfort and security. This is my happy place.